Jigsaw's Gender Pay Information


Since last year, we have closed the pay gap between men and women.

Our figures show that, in 2018, women were paid 12% (median) and 26% (mean)* less than men per hour. This is a reduction from 18% and 36% respectively from 2017.

We know these results should be better and we will continue to work hard to improve them. We are making progress, as our new figures show.


Summary of 2018

Key indicating difference

% women are paid more than men

% men are paid more than women


Average difference in pay, by the hour

12% Median Difference

26% Median Difference 


Percentage of employees receiving a bonus

33% Total Men

55% Total Women


Average difference in bonus pay

16% Median Difference

5% Mean Difference


52% of employees received a bonus

Bonuses were only awarded to retail employees; warehouse, head office, directors and senior leadership did not receive a bonus



This is to show where men and women are most concentrated in our pay scale.

Upper (75% - 100%) 82.89% | 17.11%

Upper middle (50% - 75%) 87.34% | 12.66%

Lower middle (25% - 50%) 89.96% | 10.04%

Lower (0%- 25%) 91.70% | 8.30%

• All quartiles increased in favour of women except the lower quartile, compared to last year