Eco Boutiques

Eco Boutiques

Part of the Community

Supporting local

We collaborate with local small business artisan makers and creators to ensure each of our boutique environments are unique and showcase local talent

Shopping Local

Locally Sourced

We use locally sourced natural materials wherever possible

A New Life


We go out of our way to re-use any furniture in our collection and buy vintage for new where possible

Heritage Architecture

Respect for
Our surroundings

We are renowned for seeking out buildings of architectural interest, and ensure we are always sympathetic and respectful to the architecture of the building

Going Green

Green Energy

We select green energy suppliers and replace any interior fixtures with energy saving alternatives

Re-use and Recycle

Planet friendly

Our packaging is made from recyclable paper, and our receipts have gone paper-free

We’re conscious of the environmental impact of opening a new store and wanted to share the steps we have put in place to ensure we are responsible in our approach.