How to: Care for Cashmere

Originating in the mountains of Mongolia, Jigsaw’s cashmere pieces are made from 100% pure cashmere yarn, the delicate fibre spun from the inner fleece of the cashmere goat. Coming from hair as opposed to wool, it is one of the finest, lightest and softest natural fibres known to man. Lending itself well to everyday luxury while remaining incredibly lightweight and warm, it’s a real investment piece for the transition into cooler months.


But, nothing is more irritating than feeling like your cashmere sweater has seen better days after a long winter of wearing. Pilling, shrinkage and moths can be the end of your softest knitwear. Invest in the longevity of your knitwear and learn how to care for cashmere. With a little love and attention, you can ensure your cashmere remains a luxurious wardrobe staple, enjoyed for many years to come…

Drying cashmere

Never tumble dry cashmere, let it dry naturally. The best method is to place it flat on a clean towel in a well ventilated room, away from direct heat or sunlight. Hanging on a hanger while wet will cause your cashmere to become misshaped.

De-pilling cashmere

Friction of wear can subject your cashmere to small balls of fuzz. Restore to its original silk soft state by using a de-pilling comb to lightly brush the affected areas in the direction of the knit, or de-pill by hand.

Storing cashmere

Don’t gift your knitwear to the moths. Protect your garments by storing in a breathable zip-up garment bag between wears and pack your knits in airtight plastic bags between seasons.

Washing cashmere

Some cashmere items are dry clean only, but in most cases you can wash your knits at home by hand. For a super soft finish, use non-biological liquid detergent that’s suitable for wool or silk. Always wash very carefully in cool water.

Shaping cashmere

Reshape while damp (making sure buttons are done up and sleeves and hems are straight). Never wring water out of your cashmere as it misshapes the delicate fibres. Instead gently squeeze each section.