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We love linen at Jigsaw. Aside from its cool and aesthetic qualities, linen’s sustainable credentials – it is made from the flax plant – means that we have increased its presence in our Spring Summer collection this season.
When grown in its ideal geographical zone, flax produces no waste - all parts of the flax plant are used for textiles, paper, varnish, oil, animal fodder and bio-materials. Also, flax only needs rain to grow – no fertilisers and no herbicides and pesticides.
Of this season’s collection, 25% of it is made up of linen pieces. “We are, overall, buying more than double the amount of options of linen compared to last season – or 54 options this year, versus 21 last year. This is a significant growth for us,” says Jigsaw buying manager Louise Long.
Refreshed in shades of beige, pastel mints and pale blues, linen is everywhere this season, from modern tailoring to breezy dresses.