Jigsaw FareShare

Help us make a difference this festive season

This winter, we are dedicated to spreading joy beyond our own community and are proud to announce our partnership with FareShare - the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. By working with growers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, FareShare redistribute surplus food to charities and communities nationwide, preventing it from going to waste.

FareShare do more than just provide food. Their commitment to wrap-around care allows them to focus on the root causes of food poverty rather than just the consequences. Through a network of school breakfasts, foodbanks, lunch-clubs and more, FareShare bring people together through food, combatting isolation and maximizing the social value of the surplus food.

We are incredibly proud to be their partners. Our dedication goes further than monetary support - our staff are actively volunteering their time, collecting, and distributing food and we’ll be hosting events throughout our store network to champion this heartfelt initiative.

To donate, you can add any of the below products to your basket and check out as normal.