Tweed Run 2013

The scene in London on 13 April, 2013 could very easily have been mistaken for 13 April, 1913. Five hundred dashing gentleman in their prized shooting tweeds and dapper dames in matching kit hits the streets to participate in the 5th annual Tweed Run. Since the inaugural ride in 2009, the cycling event from Marylebone High Street to Trafalgar Square has kicked into high gear gaining popularity for its quirky nod to turn of the century British fashion and the obvious association with our heritage fabric.

All riders were the lucky winners of a yearly lottery to determine the chosen few. Participants were treated refreshments including birthday cake and a tea stop, a fetching game of croquet on the lawn, live music and the fellowship of their international companions from the far reaches of the globe including the Netherlands, Korea, Russia, Australia, Japan and Afghanistan. The global appeal for the event has even expanded to include brother runs in cities such as Florence, St Petersburg and Tokyo. It appears that we Brits aren’t the only ones who know how to spend a Saturday in rain.

Tweed-1(above) This might might have been a no-brainer, but these two were the recipients of the Brooks ‘Best Vintage Bicycle’ award. Now sir, how is it again that one rides a penny-farthing bicycle above a crowded street without endangering himself and his fellow man?

Tweed-113(above) These three may not be riding a vintage set of wheels, but they certainly get points for their matching ensembles and tandem riding skills.

Tweed-168(above) A few cyclists opted for the modern conveniences of the newfangled folding bike, but were left overshadowed by the heights of late Victorian models. (Hey, at least he was serenaded by Vernon Dudley Bowhay Nowell and members of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.)

Tweed-173(above) Sponsors of the event handed out awards to acknowledge the sartorial undertakings of the participants — affirming that not all tweeds (or tweed-inspired looks for that matter) are created equal.

Tweed-181(above) Even if that pesky bout of vertigo kept you from participating this time around, you could still dine in style by purchasing one of the special Tweed Run Picnic Baskets (£25) loving prepared with an assortment of English delights by the good people at Fynch Bakery

All photography by Selim Korycki, Tweed Run LLP.


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