The Making of the Magazine

It made sense when I tried on a polo neck.

It was made of silk but had a hint of cotton in the mix. That was the clever bit. With enough stretch, the garment followed the contours of the neck and shoulder; it looked smart but felt like a warm bath. Not once did I pull it away from my neck in defence of the hot, itchy qualities of so many polo necks. It was beautiful and cost £79.

I’d been hearing about Jigsaw’s quality for a couple of years before I joined the brand six months ago. But the praise had come directly from the CEO and I’ve been a journalist for 10 years.

Now that I’m here, I challenge anyone to find a better, comparable polo neck. A better coat that, at £265, doesn’t pill all over within three months. A better jumper that doesn’t look three years old after three washes. Two frustrations from previous, supposedly premium, purchases.

No-one needs another cashmere jumper or double face coat. Not from Jigsaw or any other brand. But I’d rather buy my self-indulgent dress from someone who isn’t ripping me off. From someone who understands fabric composition, takes the trouble to meet suppliers and gives a damn if I look nice.

Wouldn’t you?

The same principle has been applied to this magazine. New collections you won’t find elsewhere on the high street; beautiful shoots; interviews with a talented playwright, dancer, curator and designer; new fiction. Quality pervades the Jigsaw brand. I believe it now.

By Ana Santi, Editor-in-Chief

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