The Importance of Suiting

I was 19 years old, with equal parts face freckles and acne. Though my high school graduation was around the corner, I was more concerned with getting myself a new suit than passing French and maths. One out of three was an OK compromise for me. My parents didn’t share that opinion but somehow agreed to bolster my outfit budget for the event.

Traditionally, we would have gone to a fairly average high street store for such a purchase. Neither rich nor stylish (according to me), my parents didn’t really see how it was acceptable for a suit to cost as much as that month’s mortgage payment. “It’s not even a three piece suit,” my dad said when I showed him what I had dreamily selected. It was easily my first expensive buy (though paid for by someone else).

The trick when really wanting something, as often is the case with parents, is to point towards the durability and unquestionable quality of the product, whether it’s a suit or a car. “I can wear this for years,” you say with conviction. True or not, it’s the way in. It might even be the only way in, so you better make sure it’s true. In this case it was.

Joking aside, I was right. Timeless quality always wins. Early on I realised; get the fundamentals right: buy a two button suit. If it’s your first, go with navy blue or grey. Choose a slim and contemporary fit. Go for a subtle lining. Pick fine fabrics but feel free to try new and interesting ones, like half canvas fabrics. Look to light-weight construction. Can you wear it different ways?

What I didn’t know at the time, for obvious reasons, was that such a combination isn’t that easy to find. Merging good quality and affordable prices is as difficult as it sounds. The Jigsaw Bloomsbury suit, though, is the solution to this, whether it’s for a high school graduation ceremony, a wedding or just work you need to get suited and booted for. The Jigsaw Bloomsbury range for AW14 is, looking back, what I needed all those years ago; a classic cut, suave details, traditional colours and fancy fabrics.


Eventually that first prom suit disappeared in a move somewhere. Or maybe my waist outgrew it. Depends on what mood I’m in when telling the story. But the sartorial sentiment remains. Invest in classic wardrobe staples and let them shape your style. The rest you fill in with whatever takes your fancy. Never compromise on quality, your mum will tell you. Never compromise on style, I say. Life’s too short. I suppose we’re both right; me and your mum.

Expertly tailored using fabrics from some of Italy’s finest mills, the lightweight half-canvas construction and finer finishing details are what set Jigsaw Tailoring apart.



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