The Stories Behind Autumn Winter 2016

For Autumn Winter 2016, our collection takes inspiration from two dimensional and three dimensional views, expressed through the lens of a photographer’s camera and the hands of a sculptor. From fluid fabrics layered to reflect the photographer’s techniques, to dramatic sculptured shapes and clean lines, this collection explores both dimensions and presents a new vision…

Capturing a moment in an instant through the lens of a camera guides the mood as we step into Autumn Winter. We nod to bygone years, 90s styling of fine and relaxed knitwear, sheer panelling and subtly feminine dresses. Confident colours of rich cocoa, petrol, golden moss and Persian red flow throughout…


Taking inspiration from sculptors, the second half of the Autumn Winter 16 collection focuses on the detail of structure and construction with contemporary handwriting. In a strong colour palette of volcanic pink, pale sage, redwood and violet haze all sitting alongside base tones of marble, clay and steely greys, pieces are simple yet full of impact. Trousers are wide and boldly classic, knitwear adds drama with sculptural volume and coats are dramatic in cocoon and column shapes.


For prints this season, expect unique patterns which encompass the season’s vision, depicting both dimensions. Shadowed designs which echo the photographer’s techniques and magnified sculptural silhouettes seen on silky separates flow through the collection.

Narratives include: Native Shetland, a modern collection of organic woollen knitwear, bringing together the best of British agriculture, skilled artisans and cutting-edge designers; a new type of casualwear, inspired by model, muse and war photographer Lee Miller, elevating luxury into the everyday; and a stunning set of printed artworks created using a 1965 Polaroid 180 camera and ink manipulations, double exposures and layering techniques, in an exclusive collaboration with photographer Antonio Curcetti.

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By Kate Goudsmit

Author: Jigsaw

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