The Story Behind Spring Summer 2017

Spring Summer 2017 is about discovery, driven by inquisitive minds and a delving curiosity.

We have pondered two of the most fascinating mathematical theorems ‘the golden ratio’ and ‘the chaos theory’, bringing a clear divide between our world of Order and Chaos. Two parallel stories that define and direct the season ahead…

ORDER: The Golden Ratio


The golden ratio is a hotly debated topic when it comes to its relevance in design and its relationship to perfect beauty.  Twentieth century figures such as Dali and Da Vinci have used it to proportion their own works believing it to be aesthetically pleasing.

Also known by many other names including the ‘divine proportion’, and the ‘golden number’, it is essentially a calculation that, geometrically represented, gives us the golden rectangle. 1.61803… Similarly, and often discussed in conjunction, is the Fibonacci sequence of numbers 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc. When visually represented as a spiral, the sequence geometrically links up with the golden rectangle in its form.

What this means for Spring Summer

The Fibonacci Sequence | The Golden Ratio | Simple modern shapes | Defined proportions | Precision | Clean lines | Simple decisive silhouettes | Fine lines and delicate detailing | Beauty within construction | Piques and fine textures | Fine stripes and modern checks | Colour blocking | The logarithmic spiral | The perfect curve | Precise and considered | Parallel lines | Straight hems | V-necklines | Symmetrical angles | Delicate stripes | Shell formations | Confined and ordered structures | Subtle fluidity


CHAOS: The Chaos Theory


The chaos theory is a field in mathematics that studies the behaviour and condition of dynamical systems that are sensitive to initial conditions, a response popularly referred to as the butterfly effect.

In basic terms, it’s the idea that tiny initial conditions such as the beating of a butterfly’s wings can cause huge and unpredictable outcomes like as a hurricane on the other side of the world. Not random but completely unpredictable. Chaotic.

What this means for Spring Summer

The Chaos Theory | Deconstructed typography | Raw and energetic | Disorder and confusion | Imperfections | Deconstruction | Slubby textures and raw fibres | Scribbled lines | Grungy attitude | Tough edge | Casual styling | Rough surfaces | Utility styling | Relaxed trouser silhouettes | Relaxed tailoring | Drawstring waists | Loose fine gauge | Graphic | Exaggerated volumes | Dynamic silhouettes | Fluid, wide and billowy | Flounced layers


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By Kate Goudsmit

Author: Jigsaw

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