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Jigsaw has teamed up with the young, creative minds at Kingston University’s Fine Art department to feature four burgeoning artists this month. The SS14 collection was largely inspired by art, artists, paintings and hand craft, so we thought it only natural to bring some of our inspiration to the forefront. In addition to providing a unique backdrop for some of our favourite prints this season, the artists will also be doing live painting in select London stores throughout May.

We meet the artists behind the work…


Lewis Durrant, 19, first year Fine Art student at Kingston University 

What’s your inspiration?

My work is always about my playful interaction with action of painting. My hand is generally led by how I feel at the time. I’ll make a couple of marks and if I feel good about it, I keep painting until there’s something of substance there that I feel is aesthetically pleasing. Painting is about balance for me — balancing complementary colours, textures and space.

I find myself inspired by the work of Albert Oehlen, a German artist who was really prominent in the 80s. He experimented a lot with the action of painting and striping down the traditional methods.

I used to do loads portraiture before moving onto my current style. After doing so many portraits you just want to express through brushstrokes and marks. The large yellow portion in the centre of my painting was the result of my final strokes. It’s a great feeling to step back and feel that the balance has been achieved.


Do you think ‘art’ is something that can be learned?

Everyone is an artist, it’s just about finding the passion and medium to create. If you keep working at it and working at it you can build up your confidence and style. This piece is my tenth or twelfth painting this large and I feel like I’ve found my process.

Are there any exhibitions you’ve been inspired by?

I went to the Martin Creed exhibition at the Hayward Gallery back in April and it was pretty incredible. There was an intersesting combination of pieces on show including installations, video, sculpture, paintings, etc. There was a giant spinning beam when you walked in that had ‘mothers’ on it, commenting on the fact that he believes mothers are the pinnacle of society. His paintings were studies on how colours have an effect people, which I obviously found inspirational. The Hayward Gallery always has great exhibitions on.


How long did it take you to create this piece?

This particular painting was about a week’s work of lots of hours. I might do one mark, sit down for 20 minutes and assess the balance. Other days I can work hours on end. It’s almost like a sculpture. You have to mold the painting with different brushes textures.

What is your least favourite colour?

A dark green. It’s represented in the upper right corner of this painting, but I like how it plays off of the yellow. Using dark green was a bit of a challenge I set for myself.


Any other interests outside of art?

I don’t know. I’m interested in health and fitness and maintaining a positive, creative mindset. I found art as a pathway to expressing myself and it’s very reflective of me at that time. When you’re struggling, a workout can help you meditate and find out things about yourself. My art is so much about my interaction with piece and expression, so for me they go hand in hand.

@LewisDurrant, what’s your favourite Instagram photo you’ve taken?


Lewis Durrant will be live painting in our Westbourne Grove store on Monday 12 May to Thursday 15 May.

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