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Bobbin Bicycles is a must for any cyclist looking for a set of wheels with some serious street cred. We hear that they are the cycle of choice for Florence Welch, so rest assured this is a brand with the cool factor.


Established in 2007 by husband-and-wife team Tom Morris and Sian Emmison, Bobbin Bicycles was created to recapture the magic and excitement of a child’s first bike ride. The original Shoreditch-based boutique was inspired by the 1970’s children’s TV show Mr Benn: part dressing-up emporium and part old-sweet shop. It quickly became known for its friendly service and having a wide-selection of brightly coloured traditional bikes and accessories.


Bicycle boutiques soon became a global phenomenon and the Bobbin team decided to focused on the manufacture of their own brand, the initial model being ‘The Birdie’, chosen to symbolize a bird’s first journey and new adventures.

Where did the idea for Bobbin Bikes come from?

We wanted to create bikes for people like us, who wanted a chic, practical machine to get around town, go on a date, get to a meeting on time on.  We’ve been going for 8 years now and it’s great to see our bikes and accessories populating the landscape and becoming part of people’s everyday lives.

Describe a typical day at Bobbin Bikes.

There is no typical day! We could be at our office, in a warehouse, visiting shops or suppliers or at trade shows. Designing new products is probably the most fun way to spend a day.

Describe the brand in 3 words.

Stylish, Popular, Useful

How do you relax? Where do you go?

Barcelona for sunshine, caipirinhas and pinxos, the Alps for epic cycle adventures. Apres work Sian likes life drawing and Tom prefers to play table tennis.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

The Antwerp Royal Academy Fashion Show, art museums, illustration books, and the streets of London, from yesteryear to today.

If you were a bike what would you be?

Sian: something in teal with cream tyres and a tan leather saddle.

Tom: something black with disc brakes.



What’s the future for Bobbin Bikes?

We just launched our new accessories line and our new extremely cute kid’s bikes are available in the Autumn. We’ve got more stockists popping up from Canada to New Zealand, and we’ve got the new adults collection dropping in Spring 2016. It’s a heady mix of developing new products and managing our growing network.  Happy Cycling!



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