With Kew Royal Botanical Gardens on our doorstep, it’s hard not to be inspired by blooms and botany. A voyage through surprisingly edible plants and flowers, this year Kew launched incrEDIBLES. From tutti frutti boating to a rose garden tea party, the gardens showcases exotic edibles from each and every continent. Here is a guide to our favourite edible flowers and a few mouth-watering ideas to make the most of them!


With a mild spicy, floral taste — dianthus are bold, bright and fragrant. A colourful garnish for soups, salads or cake — the Sweet William variety will add a tangy zest to ice cream, sorbets and fruit salads. Don’t forget to remove the white heel at the base of the petals, or you’re in for a bitter surprise!


Beautiful cornflower buds have no fragrance, but a delicious clove-like flavour. Sweet and spicy, cornflowers are perfect as a colourful garnish on pasta, omelettes or salads. Mix with pansies for a colourful confetti.


A favourite of the world’s top chefs, courgette flowers are sweet and crunchy. Delicious deep fried, stuffed with cheese or thinly sliced in soup and omelettes. Try our quick and easy recipe: Add courgette flowers to a frying pan, add a cup of chopped mushrooms and sweet peppers, pour in 3 beaten eggs and cook until golden brown. 



With their lettuce-like flavour and vibrant petals, pansies are the perfect way to brighten up a dinner party. Add a pop of colour to your garden salad or try topping an eton mess with a handful of these beautiful blooms. Strawberries, thick double cream, meringue, pansies… done!

NastrutiumA favourite amongst foodies, nasturtiums have a strong peppery flavour. Add to salads for a hint of spice or as a pretty garnish for steak or risotto.


With their mild onion flavour, crunchy chive flowers are delicious in pasta, salad and scrambled eggs. For a simple party appetiser, mix with cream cheese and spread on crackers, finish with a slice of Italian prosciutto ham.

IncrEDIBLES is in full bloom at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens until 1st September


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