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Marlow has a new presence on the high street — and there’s no doubt we’ve snagged the best building on the block. Our new womenswear haven is perched in the heart of Marlow’s High Street in a stately, three-story English Heritage building. Though the exact date of construction is unknown, Alfred House (later changed to the present Cromwell House) maintains the appearance of an early 18th century home more than likely built around 1721. Its early tenants included Esquires, 19th century solicitors, engineers and eventually Royal Mail in mid-20th century before welcoming Jigsaw last week.


Our new shop in Marlow boasts a crisp, bright interior with plenty of natural light and an open floor plan. The mix of contemporary stone and parquet floors complement the traditional features of the building, which includes a stunning floor-to-ceiling fireplace in our accessories boudoir.


The fireplace contains a conglomeration of three styles. The large, wooden overmantel is the oldest and thought by some to have been hand carved by French prisoners of war. The lower wooden mantel was carved in the style of the top undoubtedly some years afterwards. The junior branch of The Royal Military College was set up in several properties in Marlow during early the 19th century. Alfred House being one of them, it was likely part of the damage recompensed to its owner at the time. The tiles date to the turn of the 20th century and are thought to be Minton, the world-renowned English china.


Mid-century modern style furniture and white glazed brick offset the contemporary metal fixtures giving the space a clean, yet cosy atmosphere. The changing rooms are spacious enough for a pram (or two) and well-lit to leave the mystery out of shopping. Our staff are eager to show off the newly refurbished space, so there’s no need to be shy.


The Flower Studio

4 Liston Court High Street

The centre of Marlow is quaint enough to enjoy an afternoon of wandering through its numerous shops and restaurants. Whether you’re in need of a little floral inspiration or potted annuals to pepper your window box, this delightful florist, set just off the high street in Liston Court, is a worthy contender for your sunny afternoon roving. It’s like they say — stop and smell the roses.


The Compleat Angler

Marlow Bridge Lane

If you should find yourself overnighting in Marlow for the Henley Royal Regatta (2-6 July, 2014) or just in the mood to enjoy a riverside drink, The Compleat Angler Hotel is your destination. The lawn seating is an ideal spot to enjoy the picturesque views, while the indoor lounge and cocktail bar, once a favourite of T.S. Eliot and F.Scott Fitzgerald, will submerse you in over 400 years of history. Who knows, you may even spot the next Olympic rowing champion training at the nearby Marlow Rowing Club.


 The Hand & Flowers

126 West Street

You can’t stop in Marlow without sampling the finest local cuisine. It just so happens that the local cuisine is championed by celebrity chef Tom Kerridge at the first pub in the UK and Ireland to have been awarded 2 Michelin Stars. Trust us, this isn’t just any run of the mill pub food. Tom’s menu includes traditional, yet elevated, favourites such as treacle-cured Chateaubriand of Lancashire Beef with red wine sauce — a posh Sunday roast — alongside rare delicacies like crab ravioli with charred Calçot onions. It’s worth calling ahead as the locals have also cottoned onto the culinary genius of this gastropub.


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