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photo by Thomas Briers of Supersymmetric

Feed the Kid is comprised of Curtis Taylor (vocals), Ciaran Egan (guitar), Dane Stubbs (bass) and Ash Beresford (drums) — each one a Manchester native with their own musical style. Funnily enough, Curtis and Ciaran met while working together in a local clothing retailer and proceeded to pick up Dane and Ash along the way. The guys themselves are as diverse as the music they create — resulting in the unique hybrid sound that is featured on the Jigsaw Menswear AW13 campaign video. Their debut single, ‘I Love the Walk’, will soon be released on iTunes (1 October), but you can get a sneak peek of their work on the band’s YouTube channel.

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photo by Thomas Briers of Supersymmetric

Exclusive Q&A with Feed the Kid

Q: What inspired your debut single ‘I Love the Walk’?

A: ‘I Love The Walk’ is about the view from the north, post riots. It is a literal walk from The Palace to The Footage on Oxford Road. It gives a Manc cross-section of times under economic difficulties — really it’s an ode to Manchester. Manchester sees hard times, but pulls through together with the clean up of the city etc.

Q: How did your unique sound come about?

A: To be honest, it was a bit of an accident and a bit of luck. It’s essentially a combination of each of our own sounds, styles and influences. Everything we write is natural. We don’t consciously try to write a pop song or a folky track, we just start writing and see what comes of it. It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint the influence that moulded our sound. It just happened.


Q: Who do you listen to when you’re not making your own music?

A: We listen to a pretty diverse range of music — Nirvana, The Stranglers, First Aid Kid, Creedence and The Smiths. The Doors influence our sound, particularly with the keys, and James is a massive influence on Curt’s writing.

Q: What’s your contribution to the Brit music scene? 

A: We’re all from Manchester. We don’t necessarily want to be defined as a Manchester band, because it kind of limits who you are. But we’re all from here and I think it comes across in our music.

To be honest, we write as naturally as possible. We’re not consciously trying to develop a sound or stick to a single genre. We just write music as it comes to us. Curt’s got a unique vocal, it’s something that people haven’t heard before that defines our sound.

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Q: What’s the long term plan?

A: Making and playing is the only thing that we all enjoy doing. It’s the one thing that we all see ourselves doing with our lives. We’re still developing individually as well as a group and we’re still learning our trade. I think that’s the best part about Feed The Kid, we’re evolving together.

As for the long term plan, there isn’t one really. We’re more focused on the short term — writing new songs and gigging. We’ll see where it takes us.

Q: Give us the lowdown. Where’s the best place to get a pint in Manchester? Late night bite? Favoured venue? Friday night hangout?

A: I don’t know if it’s the best place to get a pint, but we always end up in Usually at The Angel. Always good for a nobble.

Chili’s is the best place for a bit of late night peri-peri chicken.

Our favourite venue we would want to play in Manchester is The Apollo. We’ve all seen a load of gigs there and it’s really tops. Band on the Wall and The Ritz are great places as well.

We don’t normally go out on a Friday night. We’re normally out in the week and we’ll start a night off in Corbieres. I think that passes on through generations.

Q: What’s your style on stage?

A: Curt does the classic stuff with a weird twist. He’s got a relaxed, 70’s style. Ciaran’s got more of a 60’s, classic mod style…with a 50’s hairdo. Dane’s gone for that ‘middle age man with a family and a mortgage’ look. (cue the laughter)

Q: Any anecdotes to leave us with?

A: Well, there was an impromptu gig we played in Barcelona. It was pretty ad hoc and Ciaran played it in the wrong key. Curtis just played along and thought it was his fault for two songs until Ciaran finally realised. Eh, we only played two songs!

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Don’t miss Feed the Kid next performing at the Salford Music Festival at The Salford Arms, 29 September at 22:00.

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