A very Jigsaw Christmas

With a little snow, lots of fairy lights and a touch of mulled wine (thanks Matt!), it’s beginning to feel very Christmassy here in Kew. This week, members of the Jigsaw team share the pieces at the top of their wish lists…

Risha—Junior Buyer—wears the Cashmere Snow Pattern Jumper, the Grace Coat and the Pom Hat in navy.

‘Anything in cashmere is always a winner. I’m not one for bold prints so I love the subtlety of texture and pattern on this jumper to add a bit of interest without being too obvious.

My wardrobe is predominantly, black, grey, navy and white but I love using coats and accessories as a way of adding colour. I find coats are the easiest way of adding fun to a winter wardrobe and was instantly drawn the bright colour of the grace coat!’


‘Christmas is the only time of the year where I feel like I can get away with being truly lazy! We have a pretty traditional Christmas with family which is always fun, but the combination of too much food and wine usually means we are all asleep on the sofa by 9!

It’s such an amazing time for celebrating and seeing people as well. You spend every evening in December meeting up with people for drinks and food and conversation. I’ve already had two Christmas dinners so far!’

Sally—Head of Design—wears the Cavalry Twill Lapel Coat, the Angled Rib Jumper and the Harris Donegal Pom Hat.

‘I love the drama of the coat’s giant rever collar and the definition of the cavalry twill. It completely envelops and protects you from the cold. I just like to be cosy and comfortable this time of year. Layer me up, bring on the volume and celebrate the textures and luxury fabrics you can wrap yourself in.


Christmas is the best excuse for catching up with old friends and making time to really talk and spend time with people. I particularly relish having time to plan and cook delicious meals with my partner to share with my family: simple pleasures.

You can’t beat Columbia Road for getting into the festive spirit. This year I went to the late night shopping there and watched the local church’s children pushing a piano down the cobbled street through a bustling crowd, they parked up outside the Royal Oak and burst into song with the minister dancing on top of the piano. The whole street joined in. So magical!’

Josie—Copywriter—wears the Lux Wool Round Lapel Coat, the Fleece Merino Raglan Jumper and the Sheepskin Fingerless Mittens.

‘We joke about how often we wear pink in the office—we had a Wednesday reminder in our diaries once!— it’s just the most joyful colour. This coat is such a luxurious festive statement. I’d throw it over everything from casual knits to satin jumpsuits.

Fashion is much more exciting at this time of year. There’s just so much more you need to wear! I love layering everything up. And my hands are frosty even in August, so gloves like these are essential.’


‘Christmas is all about walking the dogs and cooking huge feasts and making big batches of mulled wine. I can’t wait to get home to Wiltshire. My parents are waiting to decorate the tree until we’re all together.

My Mum’s got her eye on our new candle range. We love a scented candle. I was just in Denmark, and they keep candles lit all day long at this time of year—even at the breakfast table—it creates such a beautiful, cosy atmosphere.’

Chelsea—Marketing Assistant—wears the Ruffle Sleeve Dress and Silk Cotton Polo Neck.

‘I always lean towards black, especially over the Christmas party period, so it’s nice to wear something a little more eye popping for a change. The sleeves on this dress are so great, and it’s instantly cool with a polo neck layered underneath.

I like to be very practical when the weather is cold. Two pairs of socks, three tops, hats, scarves, a hot water bottle! But when I’m dressed up like this, I just brave it; throw on my Jigsaw city wool coat and hope for the best.’


‘Buying a real Christmas tree and putting it up always signifies the beginning of the festive season for me. Oh and lots of mulled wine and an excuse to eat chocolate in the morning and have a Baileys on a Monday evening just because it’s December!

Christmas never really kicks off until I arrive home though. That’s when the magic starts.

I’ve bought my mum the Serena cashmere snood, hat and mittens for Christmas for her to wear on her first ever skiing trip. She’ll look fab in the family pics.’

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By Josie Johnson

Author: Jigsaw

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