The Story Behind the Print: an Interview with Lisa, Jigsaw’s Print Designer

This season our Spring Summer 19 collection encompasses a series of exclusive botanical prints; some inspired from the form of a single flower – a chrysanthemum – others taken from the study of leaves. We caught up with Jigsaw print designer Lisa Berridge to learn about the stories behind the prints.

Lisa Jigsaw Print Designer

Whether it’s books, locations, nature spots or people, where do you search for inspiration?

All walks of life can be inspiring. The online location for this is Instagram and Pinterest, but it’s important to be aware of everything that is going on around you and the places you visit. I recently took a trip to Marrakech and I found the YSL gardens so inspiring for colour and print imagery. I’m rarely off-duty as I see a print in EVERYTHING.

For the floral designs you created four prints from one single flower. Could you tell us more about this?

I wanted to simplify and breakdown the forms of a flower - do something a little unusual from a typical floral print. We started by digitalizing a painting of a chrysanthemum to create a more graphic silhouette. This became our Mandarin Bloom print. We made this our hero piece and began playing with repeats and different scales; using the same elements each time to design a series of prints that would sit together in a collection, but individually appeal to different customers. This is how the Petal Fragments, Mini Fragments and Scattered Petal Fragments came about.

Sitting beside the floral series, you also used leaves as a primary theme and colour palette...

Leaves are not a common shape or trend that you would associate with spring or summer and it wasn’t a conscious decision from the start. But there was a natural progression to focus on the study of leaves and it turned out to be a nice break from a typical floral print.  I think it’s important to sometimes work against the grain and focus on something unique to the brand.

For the Eucalyptus print I used chalk pastels – an artistic medium I haven’t visited for a long time. It was important to create a softness that I wouldn’t have been able to get from paint.  The overlapping of the tones worked so well with the pastels, and the colours became intensified against the deep green ground.

Lisa Eucalyptus Print
Eucalyptus print

How long does the process take from an initial design idea to the finished product?

This really depends on the nature of the print. Some prints that I design can take days or weeks as they require detailed painting or drawing. However, the smaller scaled prints can be painted and put in to repeat very quickly. We tend to spend about six months on each season, so the timeline from an idea to an actual garment could be about six – eight weeks. Even within this, there is a lot of tweaking to be done to get the print and garment exactly as we want it.

What is your favorite thing about working as a print designer?

Being able to paint and draw on a daily basis. It’s something I never take for granted.  With it being my passion since I was a child, I am fortunate to get paid to do it! I am lucky that Jigsaw embraces my skills and my determination to design as much as I can from scratch.


How do our prints set us apart from other retailers on the high street?

A huge percentage of our prints are designed in-house with a starting point of a paintbrush.  I try to implement different forms of the creative process from etching to hand painting and silk screen printing. Having access to all these amazing facilities in my studio enables me to create a handwriting that is unique to the Jigsaw brand.

Eucalyptus print

Author: Katey Bulner

Curious reader, creative writer, travel expat and gin connoisseur. Forever stuck in the romantic jazz era. Jigsaw’s Content Writer.