Sisterhood Stories with Camilla & Cosima Bellamacina

Poet, producer, artist and model; the Bellamacina family calls creativity home. Making waves in their retrospective areas, sisters Greta, Camilla, Cosima and Sylvie are becoming London’s most talented sibling quartet. We chat with Camilla and Cosima, the middle of the four, to reminisce on British roots, creative careers and the stories of sisterhood.

Camilla and Cosima Bellamacina


Name: Camilla Bellamacina
Age: 27
Career: Creative Producer

Name: Cosima Bellamacina
Age: 23
Career: Artist

What are you roots? Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

Cosima: We grew up in North West London and went to school in Hampstead. We have British roots and are a quarter Italian from our father. My sisters and I would make up plays and create matching outfits cut out of material that was lying around. We would then perform them to our mum as a surprise!

Camilla: Chaotic and full of adventure. I always remember waking up to someone playing the piano (very loudly), especially on the weekends. We had lots of freedom and independence, which I partly think comes from growing up in London.

So, your whole family works in the creative industry. Was your childhood heavily influenced around the arts?

Cosima: Yes, for sure! My mother has always had a show-stopping fashion sense and my dad was in the music industry. I would go down to his studio from the age of nine and he would make me sing. I used to meet a lot of musicians there, which inspired me a lot.

Camilla: Growing up, there were always a lot of instruments in the house to play and sing with. We also went on road trips to different countries for music and fashion events. I was able to explore my identity and voice by experimenting in theatre at drama school. I did ballet for 14 years and tap dance for 10 years which I absolutely loved.

Have your careers ever crossed paths? If so, what was your first collaboration together?

Cosima: Yes, funnily enough, our careers started very early as both Camilla and I acted in the Harry Potter movies together (Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince). We played Slytherin school girls.

Camilla: It feels very natural to collaborate together; you connect on ideas much quicker.

In your career to-date, what has been your proudest project? What is something that you’re currently working on now?

Cosima: Illustrating five children’s books The Scooter Five; it was an important learning process for me. They are now available online in Foyles and Waterstones! I am currently working on a book of selected one-line drawings and paintings, accompanied with poetry, which is coming out soon. It’s called We Sell Our Beauty Too Cheap and I’m very excited about it.  As well as working on my debut exhibition that will be showcased in London this summer, I am currently working with a few musicians on a new singer-songwriter project.

Camilla: I think every project I’m involved in I become super proud of. I run a creative production company called Camilla Bellamacina Studio where I produce still, motion and digital content for fashion, beauty and luxury brands. The beauty of having my own company means I am able to pick and choose projects I believe in – especially when it’s with inspiring people on unique briefs. I am currently working on a lot of international shoots, which is always really exciting!

Camilla and Cosima Bellamacina
Did you share wardrobes growing up? What is your individual, signature style and how do they differ from each other?

Cosima: We shared a wardrobe for years and there were always conflicts over who was taking up the most space! It would get very messy. My style is versatile-grunge: bit of good, bad and spontaneity. Cami’s style is very immaculate and chic, I admire it.

Camilla: We didn’t really share, but more took each other’s… (Cosi took all of mine) I think I have the most elegant and refined style, whereas Cosi loves to be daring and try something new.

Camilla and Cosima Bellamacina
If you had to pick one word to describe each of your sisters, what would it be?

Cosima: Greta - inventive; Camilla - entrepreneur; Sylvie - diva

Camilla: Greta – kind; Cosima – free-spirited; Sylvie – ruthless

What is Camilla’s most adoring and annoying habit?

Cosima: She has the biggest heart and I feel like I can tell her anything, but she thinks she knows best.

What is Cosima’s most adoring and annoying habit?

Camilla: Cosi always see the good in everything and everyone. But her annoying habit is that she is always losing her phone!

Can you recall the silliest sibling argument you’ve had?

Cosima: When Camilla put a lock on her wardrobe so I couldn’t take her clothes anymore.

Camilla: 100% about clothes! I would always see her at school with my clothes on and she would run off and hide.

What’s the best piece of advice your sisters have given you?

Cosima: To be independent and true to myself and to always be honest with my work. This has been instrumental to me.

Camilla: To work hard at what you love and never compromise your creativity.

Describe sisterhood in three words.

Cosima: Attached, protective, lovesome.

Camilla: Competitive, powerful, forever.

Tell us about a memory that you keep close to your heart.

Cosima: Having midnight feasts and playing competitive card games. It was the best, because I always won.

Camilla: Leaving notes for the fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Find the Bellamacina sisters @cosimabellamacinastudio and @camillabstudio.

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