Who makes Jigsaw beautifully British?

An Italian with a quintessential English accent. An African who calls London home. A Brit who hates tea. There’s no such thing as 100% British. We are all made up of rich, global cultures – that’s what makes each of us complicated, fascinating and fabulous.

At Jigsaw, we’re no different. As part of our ♥ immigration campaign, launched for Autumn Winter 17, we’ve interviewed eight buyers, designers, writers and creatives – the people behind our brand – to find out more about them. They also took DNA tests from Ancestry.co.uk to find out their genetic make-up, to some surprise…

Christina, digital marketer
Lives for a good cup of tea. Loves hummus and pasta – never together. Art enthusiast.
Italian/Greek looks, British temperament: 69% Italy/Greek; 9% Europe East; 7% European Jewish; 15% other regions


Ben, graphic designer
Kind, creative, fabulous. His words. Consumer of Super Noodles, all day, every day.
Followed by sushi and avocados: 35% Europe West; 32% Great Britain; 13% Ireland; 12% Scandinavia; 8% other regions


Louise, womenswear buyer
Food-loving, dog-obsessed, globe trotter. Would be a silk blouse if she were an item of clothing: 37% Italy/Greece; 23% Great Britain; 21% Europe West; 19% other regions


Josie, copywriter
Reader, listener, amateur chef. Jam-maker, Spanish wine-lover.
Normally found under a cosy jumper, partial to wine stains: 20% Ivory Coast; 20% Ireland; 16% Nigeria, 16% Europe West; 3% Great Britain; 25% other regions


Charlotte, accessories buyer
The organiser. Loves cooking, hosting and planning. Cyclist (28 miles a day).
Currently in Japan stocking up on tea leaves: 46% Asia East; 25% Ireland ; 12% Great Britain; 9% Europe West; 8% other regions


Tom, menswear buyer
Hates tea, loves coffee. Used to hate ale, now loves London Pride. Believes nationalities are like flavours of crisps.
He’d be ready-salted: 47% Great Britain; 27% Ireland; 17% Europe West; 6% Scandinavia; 3% other regions


Laura, windows manager
A Nottingham girl who’s a bit creative. Loves a rice dish: kedgeree, jambalaya, sushi, biryani.
And a cup of tea before bed: results pending…


Helen, store manager
Timeless, ages well with wear, never out of style – Helen would be a leather jacket.
Longs for world peace, will settle for pudding and custard until then: 73% Africa Southeast; 18% Nigeria; 9% Cameroon/Congo


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