Jigsaw Tailoring: an interview with Head of Technical Suzanne Carson

Exploring the story behind Jigsaw tailoring, we talk with Suzanne Carson on the intricacies of fabric origins, quality designs and style trends.
Suzanne Carson
Suzanne Carson - Head of Technical
THE JIGSAW STYLE Tailoring at Jigsaw is versatile. It’s contemporary and understated, but instantly recognisable. We express the quality of our tailoring through impeccable finishes and fine details. No one does it quite like Jigsaw. AUTUMN WINTER 18 This season we’ve introduced a long length wide leg trouser and a longer length jacket with a two button closure, nodding to our existing Portofino block. Our new collection is all about bringing pieces to life with vibrant and vivid colours. TAILORING TRENDS Tailoring is a big trend this season. We collaborate with our designers to make these trends our own. From a technical perspective, the new cuts and silhouettes are edged into our existing signature Jigsaw blocks. We experiment with our pattern making skills to create a fitting, fine quality and fashion piece. Style is about quality, not quantity. ORIGINS AND STORY All of our fabrics are made in high-end mills, with woven and tailoring fabrics often sourced from Italy. Our relationship with these traditional mills has lasted for many years, meaning our fabrics are always consistent and credible. At Jigsaw we blend the high-end quality fabrics with creative edge, such as tweed with a fleck of colour.
Jigsaw tailoring
Suzanne Carson
A NEW LOOK FOR THE MODERN WOMAN At Jigsaw, we perfect the fit with our in-house pattern cutters, creating a block for each season by fusing fundamentals with a twist of current styles and trends. A Jigsaw suit can be worn as an ensemble or paired with jeans and trainers. It’s adaptable, flexible and contemporary. Tailoring is a tradition but more and more suits are seen and styled on the catwalk; it’s now a wardrobe stable. You could even get married in a white tux and look super cool. SIGNS OF GOOD TAILORING The devil is in the detail. Confidence is often attached to feeling good in your own skin, but a well-fitted piece of tailoring can do the job too. A good suit can act like body armour, making you feel like you can take on the 9am office meeting, the weekend socials… the world. CORE TAILORING TECHNIQUES The ‘Turn Back’ This is the little piece of rectangular fabric (the size of a stamp) that’s found under your jacket collar. It sits closest to the edge when your collar is up. Most people don't notice it and others don't know its purpose. However, this great little detail highlights a well-made suit. It’s a sign of quality and is there so you can slightly alter the angle of your jacket collar if you choose. This is something that we do at Jigsaw. AMF Stitching Also known as saddle stitching, AMF stitching is where seams are made with a point ornamental effect. The name itself comes from the machine that runs it. At Jigsaw, we often do this in a contrast colour.

Author: Katey Bulner

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