A by Jigsaw at London Fashion Week

With a collection inspired by English eccentricity and the bohemian lifestyle of Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury group, A by Jigsaw presented at London Fashion Week last night.

Guests, including journalists, fashion editors, bloggers and designers, descended on our new King’s Cross store for a night of Skinny Prosecco, music and luxury styling. The collection lined the walls, while models weaved and danced through the crowd showcasing the finest Italian shearling, beautiful lace and stunning ruffled and painted silk.


Tapping in to the ‘see now, buy now’ movement of some of the most prominent fashion houses in the latest years, the A by Jigsaw collection was immediately available to shop, and designs focused on bold and eclectic fabrications; premium pieces that celebrated clashing colour and rich texture; striking florals and touches of maritime.


‘A thing we’ve really focused on for Autumn Winter 17 is vibrant, rich colour’, said the designer, Collette Brown. ‘Deep emerald and heady amethyst giving way to our hand painted floral—classic Jigsaw stripes in punchy yellow off-set by the masculinity of naval details in pea coats and lace back ties.’


‘I’m obsessed with these corset details.’ I heard one blogger say, talking to her followers via a kind of selfie stick as she held up our Naval Cropped Jacket. Then she was off, introducing them to pleats, silk and heavy gauge cashmere.


When the models piled out onto the street with glossy, sheer skin and berry stained lips, commuters and passers-by stopped to watch them strut and pose in a joyful clash of military details, heritage checks and hyper feminine cuts. ‘Do something fun!’ someone shouted. And Sofia Sanoh, one of our lovely Norwegian models, immediately laughed, fluffed her afro and launched into a deep shimmy that displayed the lining and details on our Contrast Tweed Coat.


‘The brand is something of a well-kept secret among British fashion editors on the international front rows,’ said the Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley. ‘[The prices] are a fraction of what clothes with similar production values cost when they come with a glitzy brand attached.’ And if the reaction to the new collection and our sneak peek at the chevron stripes and striking colours for Spring Summer 18 is anything to go by, the secret might just be out.

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By Josie Johnson

Author: Jigsaw

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