Jigsaw Actually… Meet Sonja, Head of E-Commerce

I do Christmas by the seaside in Bournemouth at my parents’ house, watching re-runs of The Snowman and drinking prosecco for breakfast. Most of my family live in Serbia, so Christmas in the UK for me is small and close-knit. Christmas means spending time with the people you care about, it’s about unwinding and relaxing, and ultimately, it gives us a nostalgic time to reflect on and relive the year that has been.
Jigsaw Actually meet Sonja

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

I’m not one for wanting lots of different material things, but jewellery is always a nice treat and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I love the resin trend this year so I’ve had my eye on a few of our earrings. That and some sleek new wireless headphones - essential for my long commute!

What is the best present you've ever received?

A few years ago for my birthday a friend of mine made me a huge scrapbook style album which had years of photos in it. She ordered the photos in a specific way and annotated nearly every one with witty and thoughtful comments. It must have taken her weeks to put together and I still love opening it today. You don’t get presents like that very often.

And the worst?

That’s a terrible thing to say! I’ve never received a bad present – I’ve definitely received things I wouldn’t have chosen myself but a gift for me is special because someone else has taken the time to choose something they like for you. I’m one of those people who are perfectly happy with getting socks for Christmas!

What is your favourite Christmas ballad?

Anything from the Destiny’s Child ‘8 Days of Christmas’ album. It’s both corny and delightful.

What are your top-tips for Christmas shopping?

I’m obviously all about online shopping. My advice would be to get ahead by preparing your baskets online and checking back frequently to see if there are any Christmas offers. Sign up for email newsletters as often they contain exclusive offers there that aren’t advertised on the website (the same might apply for Jigsaw… hint hint).

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When searching for the perfect Christmas dress I like to find something that is sophisticated and flattering. This season I love the fur coat and resin earrings, but have been looking at the knitwear for my girlfriends as I think they are amazing quality but still great fashion pieces.
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