Jigsaw Actually… Meet Marta, Senior Assistant Buyer

For Christmas dinner, I always dress up. It’s a special outfit that represents a time of reunion, indulgence and that universal feeling that everyone is celebrating the same day as you. This year I will be returning home for Christmas in Madrid. In Spain, we celebrate Three Kings Day, in which people leave their best, polished shoes under the Christmas tree, in hope that, come morning, the Three Kings will have left presents by your shoes. My family and I still partake to this day!
Jigsaw Actually meet Marta

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Jewellery. It’s always on my list actually.

What is the best present you've ever received?

A puppy! I haven’t received it yet, but I am keeping my hopes up.

And the worst?

Terrible socks. There are so many great socks out there, why go for the ugliest ones?

What is your favourite Christmas ballad?

The original and oldest version of “Let It Snow” by Dean Martin. How much more nostalgic can you get?

What are your top-tips for Christmas shopping?

I tend to start asking what people want early on and then writing ideas down well in advance!

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My outfits are always easy and casual but with a little special note of styling and colour. I love the femininity of the pastel jumper mixed with a modern leather skirt. This Christmas I would like to treat my older sister to a velvet party piece and my younger sister to a cosy 100% wool scarf which is in her favourite colour!
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