Jigsaw Actually… Meet Chris, Front-End Developer

We all have busy lives, working in different cities and countries. Christmas is the only time to get everyone together in the one place. You treasure that moment, because you know you won’t see them all again until next year.

Jigsaw Actually meet Chris

I’m from Los Angeles but my wife is British, so Christmas for me is like Thanksgiving part two. We’re travelling to Essex this year to spend Christmas with her family, where we will wear paper hats from crackers and listen to cheesy Christmas albums.

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I prefer to dress in pieces that are casual and classic and will occasionally touch on relevant trends and current styles. This season was all about finding versatile neutral pieces with pops of colour and subtle details like the chevron jumper or Blackwatch scarf. This Christmas I’d love to surprise my wife with a beautiful cashmere piece and some delicate stone earrings.

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