Wearing White with Hannah Crosskey

Is there anything cooler – literally and figuratively – than dressing head-to-toe in white? It’s the sort of thing a French woman could pull off, nonchalantly. Whilst drinking red wine. Well, we can’t all be French, so let’s play at being a little more insouciant and wear those white jeans. Be it blouses, dresses, trousers or skirts, a white piece of clothing is a wardrobe stable. So we asked Hannah Crosskey, the Brighton-based fashion and travel influencer (and an expert in monochrome closets) to go through Jigsaw’s collection and show us how she’d style our white (and one black) pieces. We like. Do you?

Looking at your Instagram, you have monochrome styling nailed. Why do you opt for neutral tones?

I opt for neutral tones out of habit. I really love a neutral colour palette and throwing in a mustard or khaki tone here or there, I just feel my wardrobe gels better. I’d describe my style as simple and relaxed. I love tailoring.

Can you tell us about your outfit choices. How do you take white jeans from day to night?

Taking white jeans from day to night is easy. Accessories are key! Switching up a tote bag for a grab clutch and slipping from sandals into a pair of heeled mules makes the transition easy.

How do you add interest to your monochrome look?

Accessories all day. Whether it be gold tone jewellery, or a trend bag, it just gives the outfit a bit of something. I also find mixing texture in the fabrics you’re wearing adds interest, for example a pair of white jeans with a silky black cami.

Dos and don'ts of wearing white?

I like to think of the proportions when wearing white. If wearing a pair of white wide leg trousers, you need something slightly more fitted and tucked in on top to break up the block of white. I like to add in some neutral tones to mix it up - a pair of raffia sandals or a straw bag.

Why are white jeans essential in a British woman's summer wardrobe?

I feel so much more summery in lighter colours. Switching your black or blue jeans for white just makes your outfit look and feel summery.


Author: Jigsaw