How To Dress For A Heatwave

When was the last time it rained? The last time the temperature was below 25C? When was the last time you had enough clothes in your wardrobe to see you through a proper – day in, day out – heatwave? If, like us, you’ve run out of stuff to wear, here are some suggestions for what to wear in a heatwave. We’re sorry we don’t sell fans.

Cooler Fabrics

Combat the commute by opting for lightweight materials that won’t stick or cling. Investing in a selection of silky separates and luxury linens will help you achieve a higher state of coolness. Catch the breeze in a loose silhouette with a silk vest or a linen wrap dress. Maximise it with statement sandals or trainers for styling.

Shorter Lengths

If in doubt, make it short(er). Opting for pleated midi skirts, chino shorts or cropped trousers is a smart choice that reaps casual benefits. High-waist or low, each pick is a relaxed fit that offers a feminine cut and easy shape. Tuck in tees and Bretons.
Jigsaw pleated midi skirt

Light Colours

When the temperatures rises, lean on light hues. Instead of absorbing the light, reflect it with pale and baby colours on halterneck dresses and sleeveless tops. For evenings, match your light colours with our heeled pumps and espadrilles.
Jigsaw white perforated sandals

Summer Shoes

Sliders or sandals? Fringed or embroidered? We have them all, so you choose. Because an open-toe shoe is the only way to stay cool.  Pair with voluminous trousers and a billowing dress or jumpsuit.  


Jigsaw sete buckled sliders

Author: Jigsaw