How to: Care for Denim

Calling out the most perennial item in our wardrobes, denim is the key to timeless style. Properly care for them and your denim favourites can remain in tip-top condition for years to come. From freezing them, bathing in them, and wearing them into the ocean, the debate on denim is a fashion affair. Some absurd, some unnecessary, some smart. We’re the latter. Follow our handy guide on how to care for your jeans and keep them looking forever young.
Jigsaw Hoxton jeans from back

Rule 1 – Wash Your Jeans Seldom

Take two steps back from that washing machine. When it comes to denim, lessen the laundering.  Too much washing will rinse away the rich dye that gives your denim its perfect blue hue, leaving it a pale shadow of its former shade. When breaking in denim, avoid washing it straight away and wear it in a few times to allow its unique character to develop. When washing, make sure to choose a cold-water spin cycle for added protection.

Rule 2 – Stop Jeans Shrinking

Hot washes = shrinkage. Warm water causes the fabric to expand and then shrink, leaving you wriggling into your favourite pair. If you want to stop your jeans form shrinking, try this little trick. Hang your jeans in the bathroom and running a warm shower instead. The humid steam revives the denim without ruining the fit.  When it comes to drying your denim, choose nature’s best. Turn your denim inside out and air dry in a sun-free spot to prevent fading.

Rule 3 - Iron & Store Your Jeans

Remember to always iron your jeans inside-out to avoid fading the dye. Set your iron to the high heat setting with plenty of steam and as an extra precaution, use a soft cloth over your jeans to minimise direct heat on the denim.  If you’re wondering how to store and fold your jeans, hang them from the belt loops to reduce unwanted creases and impressions on the waist, knees or cuffs. If you do need to fold them, stack them like in retail stores with the zipper on the inside of the fold.

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