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Selina picked Salena. Constance and Viola chose themselves and Iris, who everybody liked. Confused? When Jigsaw launched its Dress Project this season – a collection of four dresses each with a distinct fit and personality – we named them after poets. So, we found four women who (almost) shared the poets’ names to pick their favourite, without knowing its identity…


Born in Germany, Viola moved to London when she was 24. She works in the HR team at Jigsaw’s London head office. She chose both the Viola and the Iris.

Wearing dresses is my signature style. You don’t need to think about anything else and can express yourself in different ways — a cute dress, a business dress, a sexy dress. For work, I wear pencil silhouettes with ballerina shoes and style it up with nail polish. For evening, I’d wear a leather jacket and boots.

I like the Viola because it’s classic. It makes you feel confident in any occasion. It fits nicely around the waist, and the midi length makes it elegant. I’d wear it with simple black heels.

I was born in Cologne, but I was bored of it. So I’ve lived in Paris, New York and now London. I love London’s individuality — it’s artistic and free-spirited.



Born in England to an Argentine mum and British dad, Selina launched life-coaching company Project Love in 2014. She lives in London with her partner and two-year-old son. She picked the Salena.

For the summer, yes, I do have a few dresses, but never in winter when I’m in skinny black jeans, a slouchy jumper and my black Air Max or boots. But when I’m encouraged to dress up — like at a 40th birthday party in Spain a couple of weeks ago — I do really enjoy it.

So when I looked at the rail, I picked the dress whose colour and cut would suit me. It was the Salena. When I tried it on, it made me feel pretty and elegant and dressed up, which I don’t normally do.

I’m not into fashion — I couldn’t tell you what’s on trend — but what you wear is important. I’ve been a life coach for 10 years and launched Project Love in 2014 to empower and inspire women to have the life they love. People read a lot from clothes. When I’m coaching someone or in front of people, I need to look approachable, to look like I’ve got my shit together.



Born in Istanbul to a Turkish father and Belgian mother, Iris lives in London. She will move to Lisbon for six months to learn Portuguese, before returning to start her training contract at law firm Hogan Lovells. She picked the Iris.

It’s very likely you’d find me in a dress. I like to look feminine and love the freedom you get from a dress. It makes me feel confident. In Istanbul, women love to wear dresses so there are lots of beautiful styles. I prefer a tighter fit on the waist and top, and looser on the bottom.

That’s why I picked the Iris. I like how it falls and the seams on the shoulders — it’s a lovely shape. It’s versatile; you can wear it with tights for work, or more casually. But always with flats; I never wear heels.

In Turkey, I wear longer dresses; in London it depends on the occasion. Clothes help you understand different cultures.



Born in Paris, Constance moved to London aged 19 and worked at Jigsaw’s Duke Street Emporium and Muswell Hill stores. Now back in France, she works for MaxMara. She picked the Constance and the Iris.

I love fashion; I love to play with it, to express myself. My style is a bit rock ’n’ roll; I take smart pieces and break the rules. So, I’d wear the Constance with a leather jacket and heels or boots.

I do like dresses but it needs to be sunny for me to wear one because I don’t like tights. I last wore a dress a couple of weeks ago to an interview. It was a Jigsaw dress: green, silk, oversized, like a shirt. I got the job! And I was in Prada recently, when a customer asked me where I got it from.

I started to dress differently when I moved to London. I was 19. I changed a lot, and my style grew up. Now I adapt trends to suit me. London is a great city. It’s crazy. There’s nowhere like it — no one judges you.


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Interviews by Ana Santi