We believe in Style & Truth; that everyone should embrace their own style, not slavishly follow the fashion world. Our clothes are made to be lived in, not modelled. So for our Spring Summer 16 campaign, we decided against a prescriptive fashion shoot. Instead, we gave our photographer and models the freedom to jump in a vintage Mercedes and document their journey across LA.

Photography by Tim Barber

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Jigsaw’s Photography Manager Francesca Gould recounts the experience...

Straight off the plane, we found ourselves driving around the suburbs of Los Angeles, checking out the locations that would form the next few days of our journey around one of the most incredible cities in the world.

Downtown, Santa Monica, Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, as far up to the countryside town of Ojai. Vast ocean roads, stopping along the way for the odd dolphin spot, up through miles of strawberry fields under the most breath-taking canyons. Jetlag made easier by the beautiful sunlight we’d flown 11 hours for.

The eclectic and cosmopolitan LA played straight into our hands with visits to old Parisian-esque cafes, vintage shops, antique and records stores. You could stop anywhere and find something worthy of a shot.

Staying true to our concept, our photographer Tim and models Marta and Bjorn took off on their own for most of the time. No huge set or digital team,no heavy crew or equipment. Just the three of them and a camera, to create the energy and freedom we wanted.

The week rolled on with an epic road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in a vintage Mercedes 450. Marta and Bjorn in charge of the wheel with Tim in the back. One of our favourite locations was an open air bookshop three hours out of the city, surrounded by cacti and backlit by miles of dusty deep orange mountain ranges, like some kind of country western film set.

The trust we put in our photographer and models would be quite scary to another brand but the moments they captured together were genuine.

The smiles are real, the energy not fabricated, the poses not directed, the clothes not over styled. They are relaxed and lived in – the essence of our time in a beautiful city that we didn’t want to leave. Read our interview with the photographer behind the campaign, Tim Barber, and find out more.

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