Valentine’s Day: love it or hate it?

Does the Bridget Jones ‘Ben & Jerry moment’ come to mind when you think of 14 February? Find out how we’ll be honouring Valentine’s Day

30th January 2017

The polls are in. Many of us at Jigsaw feel the same way about Valentine’s Day. We prefer to let modern-day romantics celebrate, whilst we stay out of the rose-tinted spotlight. Here’s how we intend to honour the day…

“I find the occasion massively overrated. It can send newly single people on a bit of a path of despair for the day. I’d say I’m more a fan of Galentines myself, a day dedicated to celebrating friendship instead. But if anyone wants to cheer me up on the day, I’d like a puppy please.” Yours, Desperately Seeking Marketer

“Clichés galore and an upcharge in dinners for two, florists and chocolates. No thanks. You’ll find my boyfriend and me on the sofa, watching a film with a takeaway on the evening of 14 February.” Yours, Cuddly Merchandiser

“I’m a great believer in celebrating a healthy relationship so we’ll probably find a way to celebrate locally. In terms of a gift, I think it saves time and effort if I just pick myself. It cuts back on returns and my boyfriend can spend his money on something I actually want. No chocolate teddy bears please…” Yours, Loved-up Buyer

“It makes men sweat and think ‘God I’ve got to spend money… I think she’ll like some red underwear’ …we don’t. Dinner, flowers and a dress delivered from my favourite brand please.” Yours, Soulmate-seeking Designer

If you’re still intent on buying a gift, you could do a lot worse than these gifts for her


Above, new season accessories: Mini Lua Cross Body Bag, Olivia Cross Strap Trainer, Dancing Cornflower Scarf


Above, Spring Summer 17 staples: Stripe Cotton Slub Slouchy Tee, Longer Knit Ribbed Border Poncho, Floating Aster Silk Shirt Dress

Edited by Kate Goudsmit

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